Online Spanish Lessons

Our Short & Sweet Spanish online lessons for Mom and Kids are ready for the 2017-2018 school year!

I know it is not easy to find a Spanish tutor in your city, town, or area to come to your house and teach your  kids at a good price. Someone that is a native speaker and that you trust and like, to come to your house or at least be close enough to lug all your kiddos to.

Also, this tutor needs to have a good and sustainable curriculum so that you know that this cool Spanish learning is for the long haul.

Well, you’re in the right place!

Our Short & Sweet Spanish lessons are the perfect fit.  

First of all, we will come right to you because the classes are online. Your tutor… ME! Lol You lucky bunch, you. So you can actually get to know me a little bit by checking out my YouTube channel: Short & Sweet Languages

AND even better, you get a free half-hour trial lesson so that we can see if we are both compatible for your family’s Spanish journey. Yay!

Our Spanish lessons consist of vocabulary lists, spaced repetition, videos, songs, writing, reading, conversation, and some homework. We take full advantage of technology and also offer recorded lessons. The classes are immersion-style, interactive, and focused on conversation. They can be weekly, biweekly, or more often if desired.

So once your kiddos are taking their Spanish lessons with me, and not just a software – they will be getting individualized help and correction; will actually be practicing their Spanish regularly, getting all their senses engaged, and finally feel like they speak Spanish!

Families that will benefit best from Short & Sweet Spanish lessons are those where both mom and kids are interested in learning and practicing Spanish long term.


One-on-One               $20/hr

Mini Group (2-3)       $30/hr

1/2hr Trial Session    FREE

** Contact me if you are interested in a group of more than 3.

 Currently only space left for 3 families, so if you are interested in booking a session, contact me soon!

To get our Learn with Me Pack with all of our Spanish Lessons information and/or book your FREE trial lesson, just click the button below.

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