Spanish Lessons

Short & Sweet Languages

has the perfect Spanish Lessons

for the Homeschooling Mom who:


  • Wants her kids to learn conversational Spanish

  • Wants to brush up on her Spanish or learn Spanish for the first time along with her kids

  • Wants to focus on actually speaking Spanish and not just conjugating verbs

  • Wants consistency and accountability while learning Spanish


  • Doesn’t have the time to take the kids to a class, and/or

  • Doesn’t want to pay too much for a private tutor


 If you are this mom,

then these are the perfect Spanish classes for you!

This is what your Spanish lessons would look like:


  • AT THE BEGINNING OF EVERY WEEK, I will send you a VIDEO SPANISH LESSON teaching you a number of Spanish phrases that have a weekly theme.

  • DURING THE WEEK, you will practice and learn these phrases with the help of the video and the document that I will send you of the phrases in English and Spanish. Also, during the week, you can ask questions in our private Facebook group, where I can address questions and clarify any doubts.

  • AT THE END OF EVERY WEEK, you will have a LIVE VIDEO CONFERENCE with me and a few other like-minded moms to practice the weekly phrases and answer any related questions.

You will have accountability since we will be seeing each other at the end of the week.

And more importantly, you will start speaking Spanish because the focus will be on the phrases and their use.

These classes are available

for $30 a month.


So if you are interested in these classes, give me your information below and I will be contacting you shortly.