Practicing Chinese

Reviewing Chinese & Chinese New Year

So I started to finally review and practice Chinese and I am feeling that it has been a little tougher than I thought.  I started with my “Play and Learn Chinese” book that I found at Half Price Books.  It comes with a CD and it’s just perfect.  So the first chapter is on the morning routine, so here’s me saying good morning in Chinese:

Reading Chinese

If you want to hear me practice a few more sentences, go to my instagram account @shortandsweet_spanish. 🙂
So another way that I make myself speak Chinese is to ‘MarcoPolo’ (nifty video app) my brother and say my new phrases so he can give me feedback.  He and his wife and kiddos have lived in China for the past twelve years and they are all pretty much fluent in mandarin.  So in this neat app you get to easily record short videos and have a conversation that way.  If the other person happens to be on MarcoPolo, you see him or her live. I realize most communication apps have video, etc, but the user-friendliness and practicality of this one is very good.


Also, Chinese New Year is being celebrated! One of my best friends and her family celebrate it. Her cool family is half Mexican and half Chinese and they are celebrating this New Year of the Rooster.  I wish I could have been there.

Ok, onward with Chinese…  I’ll keep you updated with my pronunciation. 🙂
Practicing Chinese

2017 – The year of Chinese

This year I am committing to learning Chinese.  After researching some, I am going to tackle this by using the following:
  • BOOK:  Play and Learn Chinese. Lol – yes, it’s for kids. I actually picked up this book in the Children section at Half Price Books as I was looking for Italian books for my girls. The book has the chapters divided by theme: morning routine, eating, schcool, etc.  The two things I like about this book are:  1. It has an audio CD and 2. It focuses on sentences and not just a list of vocabulary words.  After listening to language gurus like Benny Lewis, Luca Lampariello, and others, I’ve decided this is the best method for me – listening to whole sentences and repeating.  I think this is especially true with Chinese since the tones are so important. Learning the intonation of the whole sentence will be easier for me than trying to remember the intonation of each word separately. At least at the beginning. By the way, after I’m done with this book, I am hoping to get the Asimil book series.
  • APPS: Because I always have my phone, as we all do, I plan to use my downtime using these apps. 1. Chinese Skill: This is the Chinese version of Duolingo (best language app ever).  2. Tiny Cards: These are Duolingo’s cute flash cards app. 3.Line Dictionary – Chinese-English dictionary.
  • PODCAST: I enjoy listening to podcasts while I’m washing dishes or getting dressed. (Just being real – these are realistically the only times I’m not with my littles). Chinese Class 101 This podcast has a great Beginners series.
  • YOUTUBE:  I’ll be watching the channel Learn Chinese Now. These videos are very short, cute, and focused on phrases, not vocabulary.
So I will dedicate time every day to work on a lesson from the book. The apps, YouTube channel and podcast I will do throughout the day. Wish me luck!  I will check back in here to let you know how I’m doing.