Kids Italian

Italian Books

So far we have had two sweet Italian friends bring us books from Italy.  I will read these books to them and try to get my Italian friends to read to them when they’re here.  So grateful for their friendship!


Right now they will only listen as I read and they understand.  When they don’t understand they will ask.  I look forward to when they read them themselves.

Kids Italian

Italian Cartoons

Ok, so a huge component of my girls learning Italian has been watching cartoons.  No, I don’t feel like they’re watching too much TV, I figure I am going to let them watch some TV anyway, so why not in another language?  Yes, they prefer the cartoons in English or Spanish, but when the choice is Italian cartoons or no cartoons at all, it makes the cut quick.  So this is actually the second best method I like next to a native talking to them in another language.  The vocabulary is simple, it is about things they like and understand, and of course entertaining.  And most importantly, it keeps their attention for a while – I love it.  And they learn so much, vocabulary and phrases that they sometimes end up repeating to me later.
So go ahead, start your kiddos on a language.  It is as easy as going to YouTube and searching for cartoons in a different language.  YouTube has EVERYTHING, as you know.  I usually get better results when I search for the cartoon in the target language. For example, for Mickey Mouse Club House in Italian, I type in “La casa di Topolino”, so I search for that instead of “Mickey Mouse in Italian”.  It just gets better results – more cartoons. And how do I know the name in Italian?  Well because I googled it. I mean, yes I know Italian ok, but I sure don’t know what the specific cartoon names are. So google it and try it!
It’s also how YOU can get started on a new language by the way, or at least it is a great complement to your learning. Have fun!