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Mexico’s Independence Day – September 16th

So today, September 16th, Mexico’s Independence is celebrated. As opposed to 5 de Mayo, which celebrates an unlikely battle victory of Mexico over France.     By 1810, Mexicans were conspiring to fight for their independence from Spain and their injustice. But they were found out, and on September 16th, a priest (Father Miguel Hidalgo), announced in Mexico City’s main square that he was taking up arms against Spain along with a royal officer (Ignacio Allende).

A small army was gathered and started fighting. The priest and officer were later captured and executed, but they started what gained Mexico‘s independence from Spain a few years later.

Today this day is greatly celebrated in Mexico by gathering in town squares, hanging the Mexican flag, and yelling out the same words Hidalgo did on that day. ¡Viva México!