2 thoughts on “Vlog #9 – Tips on Homeschooling”

  1. Hi Dionne are loving your little lessons on U tube, we would like to give it a go and subscribe to lessons, I don’t do Facebook though would that be a problem?

    We live in Australia in a town called Alice Springs, outback. I have a little girl 7 actually I have 3 kids, Charlotte is my youngest miracle baby.
    I homeschool out here and we live in remote rural Australia, The Australian Curriculum for Education asked me to learn a language, so I googled it and found your fun little videos! So we are hooked.


    1. Anita! Hi!

      So sorry I am just now seeing your comment. We have been vacationing for a bit. It is absolutely not a problem that you do not do Facebook. That is only an add-on for when you have doubts or questions. But you can very easily contact me through email as well whenever you want: dionne@shortandsweetlanguages.com

      You know, I also have miracle babies. I was actually never able to conceive and now both my girls (now 6 & 8) are in-vitro babies. I am ever so grateful to God for the miracle of science.

      I am so excited about the possibility of you joining our course!

      I hope to hear from you soon,

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