Practicing Italian

Update on my Italian Practice

So my Italian practicing/reading is going well.  I have mainly been reading my novel and following my method of circling the words I don’t know to later come back and translate them.  I do notice though that at the beginning of my reading the novel I started circling every single word, and now I am more lax about the words I am circling.  I am, however, increasingly getting more into the story.  This was my goal – to get so immersed in the story that I no longer would care about the language, and just want to read the story.
Ultimately, I would love to always have on my nightstand: a Spanish book (fiction or non), an English book, an Italian book, and a book in whichever language I am acquiring.  It might have to be a children’s book for Chinese though. Lol
Ok, here’s a little excerpt of my Italian reading.  And no, I don’t usually read aloud (unless I am working on pronunciation), this was just for the video. Just click on the link and you’ll see a few seconds of my Italian reading. 😉


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