My Story


I’m Dionne Buentello — and I help you learn everyday Spanish.  The lessons I teach are meant to get you to start speaking… so they’re not focused on grammar or verb conjugations, as much as they are centered around phrases. 

So people come to me when they are just ready to start speaking Spanish from the get go.

About my language background…

I was raised in Mexico with Spanish being my native language, and went to a bilingual school where I was taught English grammar and vocabulary every day. Then my family and I moved to the States when I was around 12 and I was immediately immersed in English. That’s when I just fell in love with languages!

Ok, I did have a few mishaps and hard times here and there with my pronunciation – like when I said ‘tree’ instead of ‘three’ and the classroom burst into laughter 🙄 – whatever – I was bilingual and they weren’t. No, but really, that’s when my passion for languages started.😃

In college I studied French and Italian along with my engineering and business degrees. Since then, I have taught Spanish and Italian in school and now do my favorite thing of all, I create lessons and courses to help families learn Spanish conversations and I absolutely love it!

When I’m not creating Spanish courses, I am homeschooling our 2 adorable little girls (they are 4 and 6 right now), whom I try to get as many languages into their heads as possible! They speak Spanish fluently and for a couple of years, I spoke A LOT of Italian to them, so they understand it pretty well.

As of now, we are all learning Chinese together… eeekk!! Our motivation is that their cousins that live in China of course speak fluent Chinese, and my girls think it is the coolest thing in the world!

So that’s about it as far as me and languages go.

Unless you want to know random stuff about me or are looking for something to read to procrastinate even longer. Here are 7 facts about me…

  • I actually hold a red belt in Tae Kwon Do (and both my brothers hold black belts), which of course I have not even come close to using since I was about 20. And that was a looooong time ago. Just trust me on that one.
  • My husband works for U.S. Congress and I know and hear more about politics than I would like.
  • I love all things ballet. I did it when I was young, my girls do it now. And I now do barre work-outs.
  • I gave birth to my girls at 40 and 42. Yep. You read that right. Told ya!
  • I stayed in Italy with friends for a month because my hubs is awesome like that (pre-kids of course) and it was the best time EVER.
  • We belong to the most amazing church family in Corpus Christi, TX. Rock City Church rocks!!
  • I am currently learning how to play the piano.  It’s never too late, people! If you want to learn something, just do it!!