Hello all! 🙂  A little about me…

I was raised in Mexico with Spanish being my native language. I moved to the States around the age of twelve and started learning English while going to school.  Though my college education involved engineering and business, my passion was languages and always studied them on the side – like French and Italian.

That brings me to my current obsession of languages. Currently, I practice Italian every day (I try) and I am just starting to learn Chinese. One of my motivators is my brother who lives in China, who, along with his beautiful wife and kids, is fluent in Mandarin.  Also, I am introducing my two young daughters, who are already bilingual in English and Spanish, to other languages.  I do believe in the importance of giving our kids the knowledge of languages we have, even if it is not perfect or at a fluent level.  My preferred method of teaching is always continuous exposure of a language.

And lastly, this passion for languages has brought me to truly enjoy  helping others learn languages as well -like Spanish! 😉

So if you are interested in learning with me, visit my YouTube channel Short & Sweet Languages where I have over sixty one-minute mini Spanish lessons!

So here we go!  Learn with me as we take on new languages and find new ways to get better at them. 🙂